My main focus is to honour the stories within every woman.

It is all about celebrating the memories of relationships around me honouring the godde-given creativity within.


  • Prints


    The linocut prints from my 1998 exhibition Journey invite you to open your imagination and travel into the realm of storytelling. The images exhibited are like “markings on the way”. Journey originally meant “the work of a day”, it is more generally understood today as movement – travel from one point to another.

  • Wood Sculptures

    Wood Sculptures

    In 2005 my solo exhibition of wood carvings was entitled “Delighting in Life - a celebration of relationships that link us together”. In essence the theme of most of my carvings engages the inter-connectedness of friendships and encounters, the affirmation within sisterhoods, the precious relationships we enjoy in this sacrament of life.  The artworks mark moments of delighting in the fragrance of being supported and held.  Whether we feel connected to the earth or to another, we come together emotionally, physically and spiritually. And so the figures dance, gently, purposefully, energetically, in harmony.

  • Ikons


    These miniature artworks engage ones’ attention in a very personal intimate interaction – one needs to come close to examine the detail.  My ikons are unashamedly didactic, you are invited to open the doors and interact on a very personal level with each story. 

  • Ceramics


    I love the immediacy and kindness of sculpture clay – how one can change the expression and impression in a flash.

  • Paintings


    Inspired by my 1980 studies in feminist theology, I was moved to begin 'reclaiming our religious imagination and our sacred powers of dreams and to see new visions', for I believe that we need to see positive affirmative imagery about ourselves.

  • Available Artwork

    Available Artwork

    Please contact Dina directly for prices and shipping costs.


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