Past Workshops

Dina in 1984 with statue for Tape Aids for Blind Durban

Jan-April 2012A Mandala Experience” 9 week workshop at Artist’s studio in Durban. South Africa

March-May 2011A Mandala Experience” 9 week workshop at Artist’s studio in Durban. South Africa

June –July 2010Introduction to basic wood-carving” 5 week course as part of VELOBALA Art Programme, African Art Institute, Durban RSA.

June 2006In search for the real Mary Magdalene” audio visual presentation Methodist Pastors Seminar, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal RSA

Sept. 2003Towards reclaiming the Apostleship of Mary Magdalene through the creation of positive imagery” Audio visual presentation at The First International Convention of Research on Mary Magdalene, Apostle of Jesus” on the island of La Maddalena, Sardenia [Paper published in Maria Maddalena apostola di Gesù un Convegno Internazionale all’isola di “La Maddelena (SS)”   Prof Marcello Marin (ed) Universities of Bari and Foggia, 2007]

July 1999Reclaiming the Heroine Image” 3 part Lecture/Audio Visual presentation. University of KwaZulu-Natal Adult Education Seminars, Durban RSA

July 1998  “Power of Visual Art & Image-making” 5 day experiential workshop to Dominican seminarians. Dominican House of Studies, Merrivale, KwaZulu-Natal RSA

July 1996 “In Celebration of Heroic Women” (4 day Seminar “Wie sich Mut und Stärke zeigen”) Evangelishe Akademie, Bad Bol, Germany [Co-presenter with Brigitte Furche, Ingeborg Kruse, Christa Mayerhofer-Derdau & Brigitte Zeeh]

Sept. 1995  “Visual Art in the Catholic Church” 2 part lecture /audio visual presentation, St Joseph’s Scholasticate, Cedara, KwaZulu-Natal RSA

February 1995Visual arts and inculturation” Audio-visual presentation. Lumko Institute, Germiston, Gauteng, RSA (Paper printed in Conference Papers 21-22 February: Inculturation: deepening the roots of faith in Southern Africa)

June-July 1993The Function of Symbols in Religious Art” Tatham Art Gallery, Pietermaritzburg & Durban Art Gallery, KwaZulu-Natal [audio-visual presentation during Exhibition of Religious Art]


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