circles for creativity

One of my earliest Mandalas created during a retreat at the Buddhist Centre in Ixopo in 1989

Circles are symbols of wholeness and interconnectedness.  The creative energy within that space can be tangible.  When we gather intentionally in a circle it is a sign of our willingness to be aware of each other.

As Miriams Circle we provide sanctuaries for each other, safe resting places as we pause on our journeys.  Within that sacred space, through rituals and storytelling, we weave together fragments of memory, endlessly re-creating the wondrous tapestry of sisterhood. Essentially Miriams Circle is the spiritual ritual of Mandala, we become the manda-la – ‘container of essence’.

The word “Manda-la” comes from the ancient Sanskrit language,  “manda” meaning “essence” and “la” meaning container or sphere.

In the Mandala Circle we explore and experiment ways of visually imaging dimensions of our life experiences.  There is a marvellous synergy in working together in a circle creating circular artworks!  One discovers how the circular designs of a mandala can reflect the wholeness of the person creating one and how.



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