February 2013 Miriams Circle

February 2013 Miriams Circle

Miriam’s Circle

A circle of creative spirituality and ritual for women.

Dear friends,

The February full moon rises on Monday 25th

This is the date of our next gathering

From www: Minoan Snake Priestess

Theme: The Year of the Water Snake

From a Judaic-Christian perspective, one of God’s creatures that seems to have received the most “bad press” is surely the snake… and yet in many ancient cultures the snake was revered as a Mother Goddess, or symbol of wisdom – for example the Sumerian word for serpent also means wisdom.  Testimony to this reverence associated with snakes are the amount of archeological artifacts depicting women with snakes unearthed near sacred sites in ancient Crete for example.  It is fascinating how often images of snakes have been used as symbolic representations for spiritual and philosophical concepts.  For example, the uroboros, the circular snake biting its tail, regarded as a symbol of the “Great Round” a primordial archetype with many interpretations – think of the golden ring of your marriage… and the caducaeus, the two intertwined serpents on a pole – now commonly associated as the symbol of healing / medicine…

Please think about sharing – How you feel about snakes?   Have you ever experienced a sacred encounter with one?   Why do you think so many folk still fear snakes ?

Please bring as a show and tell:

 an image or an ornament depicting a snake

 Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Place: Dina and Betsy’s house

Sagewoman: Trui Roozeveld

Do Hope you can come!

New friends are welcome

To cover costs: R10

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