March 2013Miriams Circle

March 2013Miriams Circle

Miriam’s Circle

A circle of creative spirituality and ritual for women.

Dear friends,

The March full moon rises on Wednesday 27th

This is the date of our next gathering

 It is “Passion Week” – once again a time of somber reflection.  We all experience ” ‘Gethsemanes’ in our own lives; times of difficulty, deep sorrow, loss, distress, fear and anguish”.  These are moments when it is good to know someone who will stay awake with us …

 When we meet together as women, we provide sanctuaries for each other, safe resting places as we pause on our journeys.  A space where we can share our deepest yearnings and sorrows.

You are invited to a special Miriams Table

A bring & share Agape ritual.

In our faith traditions, this is a harrowing week – we are instructed to re-live the passion and death in order to pass-over into the joy of rebirth… so that we may rise up, renewed…

What does ‘RISING UP’ mean to you?

Please think about sharing an experience of “resurrection”

A story, a poem…

AND Please bring a vegetarian dish to share

Time: 19:0 0 – 21:00

Place: Betsy& Dina’s house

Sagewoman: Betsy

RSVP:  031 2095895/ 0739612445

Hope you can come!

New friends are welcome


I sighed for a song

I needed one

I was alone

And could think of none of my own.

I listened in trees


Dusky musicians

Whispered low airs

And murmurings, shared with valley and stars.

I heard the moon

Outsilver stars’ shimmering choirs,

In soprano-tone, and resonant bars;

The music she gave made my spirit crave


And adore.

(Pam Chalkley)

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