Miriams Circle April 2013

Miriams Circle April 2013

Miriam’s Circle

A circle of creative spirituality and ritual for women.

Dear friends,

The April full moon rises on Thursday 25th

This is the date of our next gathering


Theme:  Gathering bundles for Healing

For some folk bundles of herbs conjure up

 a vision of the healing powers of wholesome food.

While for others gathering plants and flowers evokes

the fragrant memory of magical potions…

But healing can come from a diverse selection of gatherings, or bundles…

If the word ‘heal’ comes from the root ‘hale’ or ‘whole’

to heal means to make whole…

and to be in need of healing is simply needing

to regain our balance, our wholeness.

Thus, gathering bundles is an imperative !

 To be wholly who we are.

Please think about the bundles you have gathered over the years:

Bundles that restore your wholeness, heal the fragmented-ness

 Maybe it is in the cherished bundles of photos

or in the carefully bound sheets of poems…?

Where do you go to gather when you need healing…

Please Bring something from your bundle,

A symbol of the healing in some or other way.


Time: 19:0 0 – 21:00

Place: Betsy & Dina’s house

Sagewoman: Jenny Sprong

RSVP:  031 2095895/ 0739612445

Hope you can come!

New friends are welcome

To cover costs: R10

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