Miriams Circle October 2013

Miriams Circle October 2013

Miriams Circle October 2013

Miriam’s Circle

A circle of creative spirituality and ritual for women.

Dear friends,

The October full moon rises on Friday 18th  

This is the date of our next gathering


Theme : Women breaking silence : Domestic Violence Awareness month

 As the madness of greed, corruption and political ineptitude swirls around us relentlessly, the continuing presence of domestic violence is largely ignored.

 Except in October! 

Since 1981 various global organisations have used October to focus world attention on the abuse of women and children, albeit with such disappointing results…!

Let us use this evening to connect with women across the globe,

breaking the silence, voicing our poetry, sharing together a ritual of compassion and solidarity, sending forth prayers of power…

     Please consider sharing a favourite quotation that has been a source of nourishment in your journey  &  bring or wear something in purple

    Time: 19:0 0 – 21:00

Place: Betsy & Dina’s house

Sagewoman: Dina


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