October Miriams Circle

October Miriams Circle

October Miriams Circle


Miriam’s Circle : A circle of creative spirituality and ritual for women.

Dear friends,

The October full moon rises on Monday 29th

This is the date of our next gathering!

Theme: Harvest Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies

It is always so immensely pleasing to witness and taste the fruits of a good harvest – for example when the strawberries are all perfect, the mangoes deliciously succulent, the tomatoes, the spinach… we spontaneously give thanks for these gifts from mother nature.

 In many cultures a good harvest is a deeply spiritual event, not least because it secures the survival of the clan.  Harvest celebrations often extend to a week of ritual dancing in ceremonies of thanksgiving.   Thinking on religious harvest festivals like Sukkot and Navarati leads one into exploring how the term “harvest” can be interpreted in very wide-ranging ways.

 In our personal lives, for example, what are we harvesting?  What is ready, ripe enough, to be gathered and stored? Do we celebrate these fruits of our labours…

 And we will remember a great doyenne of literature and sufism,Doris Lessing who reached her 93rd birthday on October 22.

 Think about what the word “harvest” means for you.

Time: 19:00 – 21:00

Place: Dina and Betsy’s house

Sagewoman: Margaret Daymond

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