visual journal

Sometimes, most times, I find it more satisfying to express my feelings in a drawing rather than words.

Whatever relative successes one may achieve in the public space, it is the inner work of finding one’s own spiritual path that is, in the end, all that matters.  These pages image a very personal journey of highs and lows that criss-cross through my life.   It was never intended to be published.  It has been helpful to me in my on-going search for wholeness to look back and to remember how I coped.  In the few times I have shared the sketch books with my dream-sisters, they have urged me to consider sharing the books with the wider public.  We each have our stories to share and it is in the listening to each other that we can better understand our own lives.  Knowing how valuable encouragement and affirmation is –just to keep going – I offer these visual thoughts from a woman still searching…

Each sketch is an emotional response to a situation or circumstance in which I find myself entangled… It seems I reach for my little sketch book more when I am disturbed, but there are times when I need to express the peace of serenity when it softly enfolds me.


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